Our entire range of meals is made in the sunny Hawkes Bay by our passionate and enthusiastic team. We use only New Zealand meat, combined with natural local produce wherever possible. And none of our meals contain preservatives.

How can we do this in a meal that you can store on the shelf?

Well, that’s the genius of our high-pressure steam cooking technology. We’ve perfected the technique over more than a decade, to lock the goodness into your meal and ensure it stays perfectly fresh. That’s why our meals taste as good on your plate as they do on ours, and they’re ready in under five minutes.

Here’s how we do it:

• Uncompromising attention to cleanliness in the entire preparation and cooking process
• Fresh ingredients
• High pressure and high temperature steam cooking eliminates all bugs
• Our technologically advanced special Fresh-seal multi-layer pouch seals the goodness in and keeps everything else out. Some of the technical know-how is shared with good old-fashioned canning methods but the differences make our process revolutionary. That’s why our meals aren’t overcooked, keeping their great fresh taste.
So now you know why our meals are so delicious, check out what’s on the menu.

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